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A Hot Summer’s Night Dream

Posted on: August 13, 2009

Laying down across your bed wishing you’d cave and get an a/c, I have an epiphany. You like it hot and sweaty, sticky and musky so that as soon as I enter your room I have to take off all my clothes. You love the fact that I crawl across your bed on my hands and knees begging for you to turn the fan on. I know you’ll give in because you like to see the tiny beads of sweat disappear knowing you’re going to bring them back again. Sometimes it starts off with a foot rub, other times it’s a kiss on the small of my back But today I can tell you’re in a fun mood, maybe it’ll be handcuffs or a blindfold. Better yet you just grab my hair and tell me not to like it and if so much as a moan esacpes my lips I’ll pay for it by riding the line between pleasure and pain. You’re dieing for me to give in let you have your way, but I know how much you like it when I say my playful No’s, making you get more creative. Or maybe tonight could be one of those nights where I take the lead. As soon as you walk thru the door I push you up against the wall striping you off your clothes and never kissing you, getting so close that my breast are pressed against your chest and I can feel you rising and stiffening against my thighs. Then taking you by the hand and leading  you to the bed we share so many of these nights with. I’ll throw you across it and begin to kiss your chest moving slowly in the direction of where you want my mouth to meet your ever focused mind. And there I will please you until there not a doubt left that you are mine. I’ll go first because you’re always better when you’ve cum. Now you’ll flip me over so you’re on top and could easily enter me with your remarkable skill of always staying hard but you don’t. You taste me as if I’m the flavor you want your body to remember making me orgasm until I whimper and then you know you have the upper hand. You kiss your way up to my neck and then whisper in my ear ‘Are you ready, my love’ and I just nod yes. That devilish smirk spreads across your lips because you know the pleasure we’re both about to feel.  And then you’re inside me and all other thoughts leave our bodies except wanting to keep going. You turn me over and lift my hips so you can go deeper, I challenge you by saying faster and you oblige. We turn and tassel, back and forth until the entire room becomes our playground. You pull us to the floor so I can be on top and I grind ever last ounce of exstacy out of the both of us. After the moment of bliss we crumble to the floor thanking it for being cool. But this is just a fantasy and I’m just waiting for you to walk in from the other room.


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